Active Directory

Centralize the user management by using ADAT in combination with your existing Microsoft Active Directory.


Audit Trail

Keep track of all the user activity in your process. Know what happened at which time, and who executed the action.



Every part of the communication in ADAT is encrypted. 
The data integrity of all your audit trails is guaranteeed.


Future Proof

Built with the latest UWP technology, ADAT provides a performant solution optimized for the latest technology.


Let us explain adat in 1 minute!

Active Directory

Let Microsoft Active Directory do the work for you

ADAT compares the login entered on the HMI with the user rights in the Active Directory in order to give the appropriate user rights.

All the users and their user rights are managed on the central Active Directory. The AD manages the user rights per (group of) HMI’s. 

Audit Trail

Keep track of what’s happening on your installation

ADAT can create and store audit trails in a secure way.
Everything that happens on the HMI is stored in a secure and encrypted database.

The database stores every:
       – Login / Logout
       – Change of parameters
       – Every button / slider change


All communication, from the HMI to the Active Directory and backwards, is encrypted.

The internal database of the application is encrypted, and we’ll make sure that it gets into your company’s database 100% secure.

Developed initially for customers in the pharmaceutical industry, data integrity is one of the major aspects of ADAT.

Why we’re future proof

Designed in UWP

Ready for the future with the full UWP design. Extreme performance and stability thanks to the latest technologies.

Database Compatibility

Compatible with the latest versions of Microsoft SQL Server, from SQL Server 2008 R2 to SQL Server 2016.

Extending supported brands

Today we support Schneider Electric HMI’s. We are planning to extend the support to multiple other brands.

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